Just 21 and in the grip of the grog

Jake Sims has been jailed and fined for offences related to his drinking.

Jake Sims has been jailed and fined for offences related to his drinking.

ALBURY man Jake Sims is in the grip of the grog and there are concerns about his future.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood said in Albury Local Court yesterday that Sims, 21, has a significant criminal record for a variety of offences stretching back some time.

He appeared for sentencing over assaulting a security officer at a shopping centre and hitting a disabled man in the face with a beer stubbie.

In both instances, he was heavily intoxicated and Ms Greenwood said alcohol had a hold on him.

He has been given bonds in the past which have been breached.

Sims has finished in jail where he is at present after being remanded in custody.

“You have actually conducted yourself in a destructive way,” Ms Greenwood said.

“It’s a very poor record because of what you have done when you have been given an opportunity.

“This should cause the community concern and you concern about your prospects for the future.

“The community is at risk until you deal with this problem, but you are also at risk.”

Sims pleaded guilty to charges of shoplifting, assault and offensive behaviour from his clash with the security officer on February 9.

He pleaded guilty to charges of assault and entering enclosed lands over the attack on the disabled victim on March 30.

The victim who has an intellectual disability was at home in East Albury about 8.30pm when he received a call from Sims.

Sims wanted to meet him at a service station in Mate Street.

The victim arrived and Sims tried to convince him to attend another location, but he declined.

Sims hit the victim with a beer stubby, cutting his cheek.

He rang the police and they saw Sims jump a fence into private property before being arrested.

Sims had been abusive to the security officer, threatened him and then punched him in the face.

But he was wrestled to the ground and held by the officer until police arrived.

Ms Greenwood imposed a five-month jail term for the attack on the disabled man which was backdated and makes Sims eligible for release on August 30.

He was fined $220 for entering inclosed lands, was put on a two-year bond for assaulting the security officer, a 12-month bond for shoplifting and fined $330 for offensive behaviour.

YANCY Griffin Boland consumed a bottle of whiskey plus beer with Jake Sims before an altercation with a shopping centre security officer, a court has been told.

Boland conceded to police that he was “pretty shattered” from the alcohol when they spoke to him about what happened.

He was arrested on February 15, which was six days after the security officer was punched by Sims.

The officer struggled to restrain Sims until police arrived at the Lavington Shopping Centre.

While that was happening, Boland took the officer’s mobile phone and left with it.

Boland, 19, of Abercorn Street, Albury, pleaded guilty to assault and theft with police withdrawing an affray charge.

Both Sims and Boland were directed to leave the shopping centre about 9.35pm on February 9.

They were both drunk and refused to leave.

The officer said he was ringing the police and attempted to call on his mobile phone before being punched by Sims.

When Sims was grabbed as he attempted to leave, Boland took hold of the officer’s shoulders.

He attempted to wrestle Sims away, but the officer pushed Boland aside.

Boland picked up the phone and walked off as the officer retained his hold on Sims.

Magistrate Tony Murray put Boland on a 12-month bond on the assault charge and fined him $300 for the theft.

Boland has to pay $100 compensation for the phone and cannot approach within 50 metres of the security officer.