Man who stabbed second victim while on bail has appeal dismissed

While out on bail for stabbing a man at a Footscray shopping mall, Robert Tasevski stabbed a complete stranger outside a St Albans cafe.

As the victim frantically called his mother, Tasevski taunted him by yelling out: ‘‘Call the cops’’.

Tasevski, 41, who has a long criminal history, was jailed for nine years with a non-parole period of seven years after pleading guilty in the County Court to one count of intentionally causing injury and one count of intentionally causing serious injury, but applied to the Court of Appeal for leave to appeal his sentence.

In a 2-1 majority decision, Court of Appeal Justices Geoffrey Nettle and David Beach rejected the appeal but Justice Pamela Tate disagreed, saying she would have reduced Tasevski’s jail term by 18 months.

In her summary, Justice Tate said that in the first incident Tasevski had been at the Nicholson Street mall in Footscray on July 12, 2012, when the victim walked towards him at about 3.55pm.

‘‘As he [the victim] approached he was intercepted by Tasevski’s partner, Vaihoi Jackomos, and another woman, Candice Harper,’’ the judge said.

‘‘The victim and Jackomos had previously been in a relationship.

‘‘With Tasevski watching from a few metres away, the two women pushed and shoved the victim, then grabbed him by his clothing and held him up against the front counter of a nearby kebab shop.

‘‘Tasevski took off his jacket, handed it to one of his friends, and quickly walked a short distance away and obtained a knife.

‘‘Tasevski returned and jogged up to the victim while holding the knife in his right hand. He then swung the knife at the victim once or twice, stabbing the victim once to his left back chest area.’’

The victim was taken by ambulance to Royal Melbourne Hospital after losing half a litre of blood at the scene.

Justice Tate said Tasevski was arrested but later released on ‘‘intensive supervised bail’’ before attacking a stranger when sitting with three women at a table outside a St Albans cafe on February 12 last year.

The judge said the victim had walked past wheeling his bicycle when he and one of the women at Tasevski’s table argued and the victim was heard to say, ‘‘What, do I look like a f---en junkie?’’.

The woman thought the victim had called her a ‘‘junkie dog’’ and told him ‘‘F--- off, I’m not a junkie dog’’.

‘‘Tasevski then reached down into a backpack at his feet, pulled out a knife and ran towards the victim,’’ the judge said.

‘‘The victim dropped his bike and grabbed Tasevski by the wrists to prevent Tasevski stabbing him.

‘‘Tasevski managed to get one hand free and stabbed [the victim] in the stomach on the right side.

‘‘Tasevski then returned to the table and sat down as though nothing had happened.

‘‘As the victim called his mother, Tasevski taunted him, calling out ‘Call the cops’.’’

Tasevski was arrested when he reported for bail on March 29 last year.

Justice Tate said she believed Tasevski’s nine-year jail term was excessive and she would have reduced his sentence by 18 months, but Justices Nettle and Beach disagreed and dismissed the appeal.

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