Jindera blackout as pole hit by car | PICTURES

POWER was cut to almost 1600 customers in Jindera, Walla and Gerogery yesterday after a car hit an electricity pole.

A white Ford Escape collided with the wooden pole near Pioneer Drive at Jindera about 3.40pm.

A 42-year-old Jindera motorist, who had been travelling with her two daughters, told police she had been blinded by sunlight before running off the road.

The three occupants were taken to hospital as a precaution but did not have serious injuries.

The impact knocked over the pole and left power lines strewn across Urana Road, resulting in 1581 customers being left without power.

Roads were closed for several hours as staff from Essential Energy worked to install a new pole.

Regional manager Steven Ilitch said the supplier switched off power as a safety measure.

“Crews were dispatched from Albury depot to make the site electrically safe, isolate supply and initiate power restoration,” he said.

“Essential Energy was able to restore supply to approximately 100 customers by 5pm by back feeding the local electricity network.

“We would like to apologise to anyone inconvenienced by the supply interruption.”

The vehicle was extensively damaged in the incident.

Earlier, a Vellex B-double travelling on the Hume Highway near Springhurst became bogged after crashing into a tree about 3am.

Click through the gallery above for more photos of the bogged truck. 

Wodonga highway patrol’s Leading Sen-Constable Glen Allerdice said the truck ran off the road south of Springhurst.

The driver was not injured but the front of his vehicle was damaged.

Police were still investigating the cause.

Speed restrictions were put in place after the crash and the road was re-opened a short time later.

Police and VicRoads staff returned to the scene later in the morning with some heavy haulage recovery machinery.