Mamma Mia ... so like ABBA

ABBA’S years of disco balls, bellbottoms and platforms was replayed in Albury at the weekend.

Four ABBA tribute bands took to the stage at the Commercial Club’s first three-day ABBAmania festival to celebrate 40 years since the Swedish group won the Eurovision song contest, with more than 1000 fans attending.

ABBALIVE tribute band member Lynelle Leighton, who poses as Agnetha, put ABBA’s enduring success down to how they related to people of all ages.

“They protected their image fiercely and were a clean-cut group so they were appropriate for all ages — to me they’re gods,” she said.

Club events and marketing manager Jackie Kelly said: “The songs are the sounds people grew up with and even younger people enjoy dancing to it”.

ABBA groupies Trish England and Prue Carter had ABBA tattoos exposed on their wrists and arms and said they had travelled about eight hours to attend the festival.

Yesterday Ms England celebrated her 80th tribute show.

Ms Kelly said she hoped the club would continue to host music festivals with a different band each year.

The Beatles Festival is booked for March next year.