‘Endresz stole my money’

Charles Scoville
Charles Scoville

AN AMERICAN entrepreneur claims the major financial backer of the North Albury Sports Club owes him more than $400,000.

Charles Scoville, who runs online company Ad Hit Profits, says Allan Endresz’s business, the Australian arm of Ezybonds, has withheld $437,305 from his business.

Mr Scoville has started a website attacking the North Albury backer, accusing him of stealing money and spinning “a confusing web of lies”.

The site has been promoted to Border residents on Facebook.

Speaking from Utah, Mr Scoville told The Border Mail he had been seeking money from the Albury businessman for 12 months, before being told he would not receive any payments.

Mr Endresz said Ad Hit Profits was a pyramid scheme and he would not be transferring any money to Mr Scoville.

“There are a lot of legal issues involved,” Mr Endresz said.

“He’s not owed anything.

“There are 7000 transactions in the system that are being reversed to protect Ezybonds members.

“I think it’s pretty clear he’s running an illegal pyramid scheme.

“We can’t process any pyramid scheme or money laundering scheme.”

Allan Endresz

Allan Endresz

Mr Scoville said after his experience with Ezybonds, he felt he needed to warn people not to use the business.

“I feel that if I could fall victim to Ezybonds, then anyone could,” he said.

“I wanted to show people what’s going on and to avoid them.

“They’ve been doing this to a lot of people.”

Ezybonds is an online payment processing service, similar to PayPal.

Mr Scoville said he had used the business to process Ad Hit Profits payments for clients, but had not received money.

Mr Endresz said he was considering legal action over Mr Scoville’s blog.

He said he had launched a similar blog attacking Mr Scoville and his business for his “malicious, inaccurate and illegal” posts.

Mr Scoville said the Australian Securities and Investments Commission was investigating Ezybonds.

He said he was running a legal business.

A spokesman said ASIC was unable to comment.

In 2007, Mr Endresz was banned by ASIC from being involved as a company director until 2021.