Prime7 will turn 50 at its Union Road home

PRIME7 will still be at its Union Road headquarters when the station’s 50th anniversary of broadcasting rolls around in early September.

The planned relocation to central Albury before the major milestone hasn’t eventuated and is unlikely to happen until early next year.

The move was flagged late last year by senior management.

Prime7 started broadcasting in black and white as AMV4 from the Union Road studios on September 7, 1964.

Station management is pressing ahead with a 50th birthday celebration in September, but was tight-lipped on details when contacted yesterday.

Live programming from the Union Road studios ended in early 2011 when Prime7 local news started being presented from Canberra.

The station uses less than half of the Lavington site and when it does move it will join local commercial rivals, WIN and Southern Cross, in central Albury.

Station management had the Union Road site valued in late 2010, but plans to move were put on hold.

Prime Media Group chief executive officer Ian Audsley said last December the relocation of the Albury studios was part of a “broader rationalisation of its assets”.

He added the Union Road studios were tired and not fit for redevelopment for modern television purposes and would eventually be sold.

News, sales and production staff will all make the move when a location is found.

The station had hoped to be in a new location within the first six months of this year.