Hume Freeway wall shift not a worry

VICROADS has hosed down concerns over brick-faced walls below the Hume Freeway bridges in Wodonga after detecting some movement in them.

About six staff and contractors have been inspecting walls below the twin bridges in High Street since Monday.

They are not supporting walls.

The work had been due to continue today and tomorrow, but was temporarily postponed by yesterday’s wet weather.

VicRoads North East chief Bryan Sherritt said movement had previously been detected in the walls.

This had triggered the need for a second stage of examination.

“We’ve had what might be some telltale signs of what might be an issue,” Mr Sherritt said.

“We’re investigating further to see if it is a problem.

“It’s clearly not a safety issue.

“No one should be concerned about it being unsafe, because it’s certainly safe.”

Mr Sherritt said routine inspections had revealed movements, prompting further inspections to identify the cause.

He did not have an exact figure for the movements, but said it was “nothing major” and “wouldn’t be more than 10 millimetres.”

“It’s currently nowhere near being a safety issue in terms of the structural integrity of the bridge,” Mr Sherritt said.

“If there was concern we would be taking immediate steps to ensure public safety.”

Watermarks have also been left on bricks, but he said they did not seem to be a concern.

VicRoads staff inspect bridges every six months and take further action where necessary.

Traffic restrictions had caused delays on the Lincoln Causeway for traffic coming from Albury yesterday.

Two cars — one of which was towing a trailer — were also involved in a crash near the bridges.