UPDATE, VIDEO: Aker in hot water after slamming tribunal

UPDATE: NORTH Albury coach Jason Akermanis looks certain to be slapped with a hefty fine after the former AFL star was charged with two breaches of the Ovens and Murray's code of conduct this afternoon.

The Brownlow medallist is in hot water with league officials after telling The Border Mail he was "disgusted" with the tribunal after it cleared Wodonga's Sam Wortmann of striking him.

He faces a separate charge for speaking about the case on Albury radio station 104.9 Star FM prior to the hearing.

Both charges carry a maximum fine of $1000.

However, the Ovens and Murray board will discuss the breaches at a meeting on Monday and could hand out further sanctions.

Akermanis has until Wednesday to respond to charges.

Click play below for footage of the incident.

Akermanis said Wortmann “deserved weeks” after he was cited for striking the Hoppers' coach in the last quarter of their round 11 thriller at Bunton Park that North Albury won by three points thanks to a goal after the siren.

“I can’t tell you how disgusted I am,” Akermanis said.

“It’s just unacceptable — the video footage was conclusive.

“If the tribunal was swayed because we didn’t have anyone there, it’s just not good enough.

“Sam deserved weeks.”

Wortmann’s hearing did not start until almost midnight on Wednesday after a thirds case took more than three hours to reach its verdict. 

Wortmann’s hearing did not finish until about 1.30am Thursday morning. 

Akermanis said he had been phoned after midnight to give evidence.

“That is unacceptable,” he said.

“If they needed to adjourn it, so be it.

“There was no need to call me, anyway.

“They didn’t need extra evidence — the evidence is there on video.

“He punched me.”

The Brisbane Lions champion said he had voiced his concern with club and league officials.

“We need to make people accountable,” Akermanis said. “There is no place for it in the game. It’s so, so disappointing.”