Anger replaces sorrow for sacked Bruck Textiles worker

Bruck Textiles
Bruck Textiles

A SACKED Bruck Textile Technologies veteran was full of sorrow yesterday after “dedicating his life” to the factory from which he has been sacked without entitlements.

Neville French, 55, began work with the Wangaratta factory as a teenager when there were more than 1000 employees.

“It will be hard to find other work ... I have worked in the factory since I was 16,” he said.

“I have dedicated my life to the company.”

Mr French was among the 60 retrenched workers looking for answers at yesterday’s union meeting.

“It seems very underhanded if it’s true that the company changed hands for $1 and they have no money to pay us,” he said.

“We are now relying on the government to pay our entitlements.”

One sacked worker struggled to hold back tears and was consoled by colleagues while walking into yesterday’s union meeting.

Ricky McCormack, 37, said a lot of the sadness had been replaced by anger.

Meanwhile, Wangaratta law firm Nevin Lenne Gross yesterday stepped forward to offer the workers free initial legal assistance.

LAWYERS from Nevin Lenne Gross will be providing free legal advice to Bruck Textiles workers on Wednesday. 

Lawyers Helen Collins and Ty Redmond will make themselves available at the Nevin Lenne Gross office in Wangaratta from 1pm to 5pm.

They will be providing free legal advice as well as assistance on how to pursue entitlements, including advice on how to fill out the lengthy Fair Entitlements Guarantee form. 

Both lawyers are experienced in employment law and redundancies, including assisting with the Bluegum (IBM) Wangaratta and Moore Paragon Wodonga closures. 

For more information, call (03) 5722 4777

 will be at the law firm's Wangaratta office from 1pm to 5pm. 

Both have experience in employment law and redundancies, including assisting with the Bluegum (IBM) Wangaratta closure and Moore Paragon in Wodonga.