Wangaratta couple's home left blood-stained following their murder, court told

1.19PM: Blood marked the floors, walls, and ceilings of the home where a Wangaratta couple met their fates, a court has heard.

A picture of the level of horror police faced when finding the bodies of Bill and Pauline Thomas began to form in Wangaratta Magistrates Court this morning.

The couple were found dead at their Great Alpine Road property on April 22 last year.

Their son Ian Thomas has been charged with their murder.

As the committal hearing resumed this morning, a forensic officer with Victoria Police told the court that blood spatter stains in the lounge rooms indicated Mr Thomas had been hit at least three times with an "elongated object".

The officer had examined nine areas of blood spatter in the front room, but could not say that all were the result of separate impacts.

An area near an ottoman was within the trajectory of four of the stains.

The court has previously heard allegations that Thomas shot his father and then bludgeoned him over the head, after he first strangled his mother.

The forensic officer could not say the degree of force used in to hit Mr Thomas, nor whether those injuries occurred before or after the gunshot.

Her evidence will resume this afternoon.

Thomas, 36, remained expressionless as he listened intently to this morning's proceedings.

He was arrested and charged two days his parents' deaths at a property belonging to his former lover, Jacinta Emselle, in Meredith near Geelong.

In May, during the first part of the hearing, Mrs Emselle told the court Thomas had confessed to the murders and she had agreed to give him a place to hide.