Clem Edwards too big a risk to be let out free on bail

ALBURY man Clem Oliver John Edwards is in custody after police successfully made a detention application in court yesterday.

Edwards, 25, of Burrows Road, has been charged with damaging property of June 24 along with contravening an apprehended violence order and entering inclosed lands on July 9.

He was on bail to report each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to police.

But police prosecutor Sgt Andrew Pike said in Albury Local Court yesterday that Edwards had failed to report on Monday this week and had committed serious driving offences in a stolen car.

Sgt Pike said police had a strong case against Edwards, who was allegedly involved in a police pursuit.

It is alleged Edwards was driving a 1995 Holden station wagon with a trailer attached.

He was pursued along Douglas Road, McDonald Road and Griffith Road at Lavington.

Edwards has been charged with car theft, failing to stop in a police pursuit, dangerous driving and disqualified driving.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood was told yesterday that Edwards was arrested about 7pm on Tuesday at a residence in Mate Street where he was sleeping.

Sgt Pike said Edwards posed an unacceptable risk if released on bail.

Solicitor Allison Bruce said Edwards had admitted failing to report to police, but denied any involvement in the driving matters.

“I note my client does have a lengthy criminal record,” she said.

Edwards was prepared to abide by what amounted to house arrest.

Ms Greenwood refused bail and adjourned the charges until Monday.