Bikies ‘gave dope to me’

Edward Tindle outside the court.

Edward Tindle outside the court.

EDWARD Allan Tindle said he had 18 kilograms of cannabis at his Jindera property last year after two men associated with an outlaw motorcycle gang left it with him for safe keeping.

He had been asked to “look after it” for two or three days.

The men later contacted Tindle and told him he had to keep it a bit longer, but soon after Albury drug squad detectives swooped and took it.

Tindle claimed, when giving evidence in Alb-ury Local Court yesterday, that he was scared and thought he might be bashed.

He refused to provide the identity of the alleged bikies when questioned by police prosecutor Sgt Andrew Pike.

Tindle, 59, of Drumwood Road, pleaded not guilty to supplying cannabis, but guilty to possessing it.

“I have very real suspicions that you are not the innocent you would have us believe,” magistrate Megan Greenwood told Tindle.

But she dismissed the supply charge, saying there was important evidence about Tindle allowing police to enter his premises without a warrant and admitted there was cannabis present.

Ms Greenwood said the issue which concerned her about the drug possession offence was the amount of cannabis.

“It is certainly a significant amount of cannabis,” Sgt Pike said.

Solicitor Christopher Watson said Tindle had foolishly acceded to the wishes of the two men to store the cannabis.

But Tindle then became concerned about the stupidity of his actions.

Ms Greenwood said Tindle had a previous conviction in 1997 for knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug.

She ordered an assessment of Tindle for an intensive corrections order with sentencing deferred until September 29.

A police brief of evidence tendered to Ms Greenwood outlined how drug squad detectives went to Tindle’s place on December 13 last year.

They asked him whether he had any cannabis and he replied: “Yes, I have, but it’s not mine.”

Two large sports bags with cryovac bags of cannabis inside were located in a shipping container which Tindle always kept locked.

The officers asked whether he had any other cannabis.

Tindle retrieved a glass jar containing cannabis leaf from his microwave which he said was for personal use.