Step back in time to Abikhair’s Emporium | PHOTOS

A NEW exhibition is providing an insight into Albury’s past.

Emporium, which features clothes, advertising and other items from Albury’s famous department store Abikhair’s Emporium, was officially opened yesterday.

Saad Abikhair started the business with wife Shefia in 1928 after migrating from Lebanon and it soon became an Albury institution.

Albury Council acquired merchandise from the business when it closed in 1996, which is presented in the exhibition.

Saad’s grandson Allan Abikhair said he was amazed by the displays.

“They’re very happy memories,” he said.

“I’m immensely proud of what my family achieved from humble beginnings.”

Mr Abikhair helped launch the exhibition with his sister Audrey and former Vogue magazine editor Kristie Clements.

Ms Clements — who joked about cutting a bra instead of a ribbon — spoke of the changing nature of fashion.