Albury High School cancels classes following fire | PHOTOS, AUDIO

1.12PM: Albury High School will reopen to students tomorrow after a fire caused the cancellation of all classes today. 

The school has announced that lessons will return on Thursday, although administration will be conducted from the languages room and some classes will be moved to avoid fire-damaged areas. 

11.15AM: Police are not treating a fire that forced Albury High School to cancel classes for the day as suspicious. 

Albury Police Inspector Lynelle Rodwell said security had been called to the school at 1.10am after alarms were activated and they arrived to find the 1928 building was "secure" but had smoke coming out the windows.

"It is believed that the fire started in a small office at the rear, where the computer server is located," she said.

"The fire is not considered to be suspicious."

Albury station commander Dave Herbert said three NSW Fire and Rescue trucks attended and firefighters managed to put out the flames within a few hours.

However, walls and corridors had been extensively damaged by smoke and electricity was cut due to damage to the computer server. 

The power outage and lack of heating has forced the school to cancel classes.

A statement from the school said students already on the way to school on country buses would be supervised, with all staff still attending school. 

The Year 7 tree-planting and netball gala would proceed as they were held off-site. 

Further details regarding arrangements for the rest of the week would be circulated once an assessment of the building was complete. 

CLICK HERE to listen to audio of Fire & Rescue NSW Inspector Stewart Alexander giving a report of the incident.