The glass door that was broken when Joshua Cox allegedly robbed the pizza store.
The glass door that was broken when Joshua Cox allegedly robbed the pizza store.

THE man alleged to have robbed Domino’s Pizza in Lavington at knifepoint last month yesterday cited his marriage in October as one of the reasons he was seeking bail after his arrest in South Australia last weekend.

Joshua Rodney Cox has already done one runner, leaving Albury soon after he was charged and released on police bail for the robbery about 10.30pm on June 28.

When he failed to attend Albury Local Court on July 15, magistrate Megan Greenwood issued an arrest warrant for him.

Cox was arrested by police in Adelaide last Saturday and two Albury detectives travelled to extradite him earlier this week.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley yesterday made a release application for Cox before registrar Wendy Howard.

Mr Hemsley said the brother of Cox’s fiancee was seriously injured in a recent car accident.

Cox, 28, returned to Adelaide to provide support and could report daily to police, where he is settled with family ties.

But his release application was opposed by police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis and Ms Howard remanded Cox in custody to appear at Albury next Monday.

The circumstances of the robbery were outlined in police facts tendered to the court.

Cox entered Domino’s, where the owner and two witnesses were.

He was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood pulled over his head and dark sunglasses.

Cox asked for two bottles of drink and pulled a knife from his pocket as the owner waited for payment.

He raised the knife to chest level and pointed it at the owner.

He said: “Give me the money from the till.”

The owner feared for his safety and handed over $5, $10 and $20 notes.

“Where do you keep all the $50s? I want any $50 notes,” Cox said.

He was told by the owner there were no $50 notes and then made a demand that $2 coins be handed over.

The owner reached under the counter and activated an automatic front door lock before retreating with the others at the rear of the shop.

Cox ran to the front door and kicked it, causing the glass to shatter.

The owner and two other men chased Cox along Wagga Road to the car park at Red Rooster, with one witness making a triple-0 call to police.

It was about the same time that a marked police vehicle was driving nearby and was flagged down.

Cox was arrested after receiving a burst of capsicum spray.

Police recovered $130 and a black-handled knife from him.