Daniel James Gavel claimed to have a gun when police went to his Dight Street unit to arrest him early yesterday morning.

The siege developed after Gavel told officers they were in his sights, leading to a stand-off lasting more than an hour.

Police took cover after the initial threat and spoke to Gavel for about 15 minutes before he told them: “I’ve got my dad in here and he has got you lined up right now. He’s a sharpshooter.”

It was about 3am and police moved back to form a perimeter.

A little more than an hour later Gavel walked out his front door and down a stairwell armed with a steel pipe.

The pipe had four nails protruding from one end.

He was approached by a male officer, who told him to stop from about 10 metres away.

Gavel raised the bar, took two quick steps towards him and the officer drew his taser telling him to stand still.

It forced Gavel to stop and turn to run down a driveway.

But a woman sergeant approaching him drew her pistol and said: “Police, don’t move.”

Police quickly surrounded Gavel, who dropped the pole and told officers: “You’ve got me. I give up.”

Yesterday Gavel, 37, appeared in Albury Local Court on 14 charges including affray, two counts of using an offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention, intimidating police, two counts of assault and being armed with intent.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley made an application for bail on Gavel’s behalf, but it was rejected by acting registrar Paul Barber.

“He has got mental health issues. He has medication for that,” Mr Hemsley said.

The court was told in tendered facts that Gavel’s problems started on Wednesday when he allegedly assaulted two other residents in the block of units and police were notified.

He went to one unit and pushed a man in the chest after being asked to leave.

A short time later Gavel returned with an iron bar, began knocking at the door and said: “I’m the toughest. I’m going to get you.”

The bar was used to smash a glass door.

The court was told Gavel had violently resisted police when they attempted to handcuff him during his arrest early yesterday.

He had rolled around, kicked his legs in a bid to prevent police searching him and they found a clear cylinder which appeared to contain cannabis.

Gavel threatened to spit on a male officer and later told him while in the dock at the station: “I’ll kick you to death with my bare feet.”

He urinated and defecated in the dock.

He was then moved to a cell and defecated there before smearing his faeces on the cell’s door.

He was remanded to appear in court on Monday through a video link from Junee jail.