Albury tip fee cut by 25% with tax repeal

 Tip fees have been slashed with the carbon tax repeal. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK
Tip fees have been slashed with the carbon tax repeal. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK

ALBURY tip users will benefit from the federal government’s scrapping of the carbon tax from Friday.

Albury Council yesterday decided to pass on savings to tip customers, rather than make them pay at the ruling rates for another month.

Rates for household waste, excluding green waste and recyclables, will drop by up to 25 per cent and there will be a 22 per cent slash in the amount charged for the disposal of commercial and industrial waste, including material from contractors such as Cleanaway.

The NSW Office of Local Government is still to confirm the process relating to other changes to the council’s fees and charges outlined on rates notices and there could be more credits for ratepayers.

Existing arrangements with neighbouring councils to dump rubbish at Albury’s waste management centre are also to be confirmed.

From Friday a ute-load of household waste will cost $26 rather than $35 and a tandem trailer load will be $14 cheaper.

The council’s waste management charges for 2014-15 included a carbon price component, in accordance with the Clean Energy Act 2011.

The scrapping of the tax was confirmed nearly a fortnight ago.

Albury mayor Kevin Mack yesterday said that if no changes had been made by Friday, existing charges would have remained in place for another month.

“We are getting on the front foot and doing something now,” he said.

“We can’t hold on for another month and we will pass on those savings to anyone who pays at the gate.

“It is an operational decision to offset the charges at the gate.”

Cr Mack said since the tax had been scrapped, the council had been waiting for advice on the adjustments.

“We’ve decided to act and pass on the benefits straight away,” he said.

“We always knew there would be reductions, but we can’t hang out for another month and let the ratepayers continue to pay more money.

“It would be embarrassing and, rightfully, they would be saying they were entitled to a reimbursement.”

Cr Mack said there could be even more savings down the track.

“Once we get the OLG advice, we will look at what other adjustments need to occur,” he said.

“With rate notices we can give credits, but when people drive through the gate you can’t.”

Tip entry fees and charges are displayed on the council’s website.