Foul mouth aimed at officers

MAGISTRATE Tony Murray yesterday told Albury man Jake Kyle Mather his behaviour after being stopped by police was disgraceful.

Mr Murray asked Mather in Albury Local Court why he had spoken to the officers in such a way.

It was claimed by Mather that was how police spoke to him, but Mr Murray described such a suggestion as “incredible”.

“How people would talk to the police this way is beyond me. The threats you made were serious,” Mr Murray said.

Mather, 19, of Smith Street, pleaded guilty to charges of intimidating police and using offensive language.

He was put on a 12-month bond and fined a total of $1250.

Police were patrolling Springdale Heights about 12.10am on July 9 and saw two vehicles driving along Glenelg Drive.

The first car had no lights on and the second vehicle was travelling close behind.

Officers stopped Mather in the first car and spoke to him about the conditions of his licence as two people aged under 21 were with him.

He became aggressive and said: “Just give me the ticket”.

Mather swore at police, spoke to them in derogatory terms and referred to them as “dogs”.

He got back in his vehicle, started the car and was told to turn the engine off, but refused.

Police made a second request before taking the keys from the ignition and he became incensed, demanding them back.

The occupants of the other car tried to calm Mather, but he continued to shout and was told to stop swearing.

An officer took out his capsicum spray when telling him he was being arrested.

Mather was handcuffed just as some of his family arrived along with other police vehicles.

At the station, he told an officer: “It’s all right. Think you’re tough hiding behind a badge. I’ll see you out on the street”.