Man bashed mum, dad and girl, 16

A LAVINGTON man, 38, yesterday pleaded guilty to assaulting his mother and father on the day he should have been in court for assaulting his 16-year-old girlfriend.

Christopher Richard Willis, of Kotthoff Street, Lavington, skipped court on April 3 but appeared in Albury Local Court in custody yesterday after police caught up with him.

The assaults on his parents happened after Willis asked his mother for $400, but she refused and said the money would be spent on drugs.

When Willis failed to attend court that day, magistrate Megan Greenwood convicted him of being armed with intent, assault and intimidation in relation to the incidents with his girlfriend and issued warrants for his arrest.

Ms Greenwood imposed a 12-month apprehended violence order for the victim’s protection and ordered the destruction of a pipe used to smoke ice.

Solicitor Sue Robey yesterday said that Willis intended to challenge the convictions for those matters.

Police told the court Willis and his girlfriend, 16, had been in a relationship for about a year and lived together in Glenroy.

Both were heavy users of ice.

The incidents that led to Willis being convicted started with an argument at 3am on December 30.

Willis became angry, threw cups and a knife at a wall and told his partner she was a junkie.

He woke her a few hours later and they argued more.

She tried to walk away and Willis grabbed a nearby knife and held it about 15 centimetres from her chest. She walked past him and he said: “Don’t think I won’t stab this in your back.”

She later went back to sleep and was woken about 3pm when Willis slammed doors, pushed a television over and threw glasses.

He said he had been out trying unsuccessfully to get drugs.

They argued again about 7pm.

Willis then left, but the girl rang him and said she would smash up the house if he did not come home immediately.

After waiting 15 to 20 minutes, she got a bar and smashed all but two windows and then left.

Willis found her at a bus stop, pulled her to the ground by her hair and punched her to the right eye.

She fled back to the house, but Willis followed and threatened to kill her.

She called police from a neighbour’s house, they attended, found an ice pipe belonging to Willis and arrested him.