Bronwynne Richardson murder | Geoffrey Brown's 'stalking behaviour' left woman in fear

A WOMAN yesterday described stalking behaviour by Geoffrey Charles Brown after the end of a brief relationship and an admission by him which "rocked her to the core".

Susan Maree Lyon went out with Mr Brown for less than a month in 1977.

"I think it was early 1977. The weather was warm, summerish," Ms Lyon said.

It was during the relationship that Mr Brown revealed to her that he was a former boyfriend of murdered Corowa woman Bronwynne Richardson.

"I was aware of the murder when it happened. I was at high school at the time," Ms Lyon said.

She had been discussing other issues with Mr Brown when he told her that he was interviewed over the murder.

"It certainly rocked me to the core," she said.

Counsel assisting the coroner Warwick Hunt questioned whether the reason for her shock was Mr Brown being a suspect or his being questioned by police.

"It came out of nowhere. It just came as a shock," she said.

Ms Lyon said she thought to herself that it was a weird thing for him to be telling her.

He claimed the reason police were questioning him was because he was the only person to call her "Bronnie".

Mr Brown told her: "But they could not prove anything so they let me go."

Ms Lyon went to the chamber magistrate in Albury seeking assistance after the break-up of their relationship.

She was concerned about Mr Brown's behaviour.

"I went there seeking advice because I was concerned for my safety," she said.

Whenever she went down the street, he would be there or his car would be nearby.

Ms Lyon said Mr Brown was "driving past the house all the time".

She outlined in a statement made to police on August 25 this year the circumstances of what took place.

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