Bronwynne Richardson murder | Cousin Peter Newy probed by police over death

First published: December 2, 2011

PETER John Newey was in the Adelaide Remand Centre in May, 1990, when he was interviewed by police seeking information about Bronwynne Richardson's murder.

Mr Newey was a cousin of the Richardsons and went to Bronwynne's funeral in 1973.

He was living in a caravan at the back of his brother Colin's residence at Murray Bridge in 1989 when a television program said the murder may have been solved.

"I started to cry as a relief for aunty Noel and uncle Stan," Mr Newey told police.

Mr Newey said Ross Eames came around to his brother's residence and there was discussion about Ms Richardson's murder.

It was claimed by Mr Eames that he had been charged by police with withholding information about it.

He said police had come over to Murray Bridge to get him and took him back to Albury.

Mr Eames supposedly said: "They reckon I know something about the Bronwynne Richardson murder."

Police asked Mr Newey during the interview whether any names had been mentioned.

"He did mention a couple of names that police had mentioned to him," Mr Newey told them.

"Yeah, he mentioned it was her boyfriend."

He was asked whether Mr Eames had mentioned the name Geoffrey Brown.

"Yeah, he did mention that name. That was her boyfriend," Mr Newey said.

His memory of what was told to police was refreshed by counsel assisting the coroner, Warwick Hunt, reading parts of his statement.

Mr Newey conceded to solicitor Mark Cronin that these days he has no recollection about what was said to police in 1990.

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