Bronwynne Richardson murder | Geoffrey Brown called nearby site his special thinking place

GEOFFREY Charles Brown had a special place where he went to think and it turned out to be near the site of Bronwynne Richardson's murder, an inquest in Albury was told yesterday.

Mr Brown revealed his secret spot to a girlfriend in the years after Ms Richardson's death at Horseshoe Lagoon, west of Albury, on October 12, 1973.

Wendy Joy Hatch gave evidence yesterday of Mr Brown taking her to the location on one occasion.

He had told his former partner if she was unable to find him, then it was the place where he went to think.

"He never divulged to me what the place meant to him," Mrs Hatch said.

Mr Brown told her: "I just want you to know this is where I go."

Her maiden name was Wendy Sim and it was revealed that she had a relationship with Kevin Newman and became pregnant to him with a son, Daniel, being born in 1977 after they separated.

Mr Newman was allegedly present when Ms Richardson, 17, was murdered but took no part in it.

Following the separation, she began a relationship with Mr Brown about four or five months after her son was born.

The child was 15 months old when he died in 1978 and Mr Brown was charged with murder.

He was acquitted in a trial held at Wagga, but was convicted on an assault charge.

"Kevin did not believe that justice was done," Mrs Hatch said yesterday.

"He would say how he would like to kill Geoffrey Brown."

But she didn't worry about such a prospect because she did not think it was in Mr Newman's nature.

Mrs Hatch said on one occasion Mr Brown became angry when he attended her residence and found Mr Newman visiting his son.

"I just got the indication that he did not want me seeing Kevin or his family," she said.

Mr Newman told her if she wanted to see someone, he would not stand in her way.

"He never ever warned me that I should have concerns about being around Brown," she said.

Further investigation by police into Ms Richardson's death revealed in 1991 that four people may have been present when it happened, including Mr Brown and Mr Newman.

It came as a shock to Mrs Hatch because one was her son's father and she had a subsequent relationship with the other.

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