Bronwynne Richardson murder | Colin Newey tells inquiry of admission

A SOUTH Australian man who claimed to be a second cousin to Corowa teenager Bronwynne Richardson told police about apparent admissions of someone who was present when she was murdered.

Colin Michael Newey gave evidence through a video link from Murray Bridge in South Australia on the third day of an inquest into her death.

The inquest was told Mr Newey saw Ms Richardson at Coles in Albury earlier on the day she died, October 12, 1973, and made statements to police in 1976, 1990 and 2009.

Deputy state coroner Carmel Forbes was told of a conversation between Ross Eames and Mr Newey at his residence in the early 1990s.

It has just been revealed in a radio report that Mr Eames had been charged with withholding information about Ms Richardson's death.

Mr Newey said he had decided to "have a go at him about it" when Mr Eames came to visit.

When Mr Eames attended, Mr Newey said to him: "Did you realise that Bronwynne was our cousin?"

Mr Newey then questioned what information was being withheld.

The reply was that Geoffrey Brown, Max Martin and another man came around to pick up Mr Eames and they had Ms Richardson with them.

Mr Brown was having an argument with her and Mr Martin was urging him on as they were driving.

"Brown was getting a bit heavy with her," Mr Eames said.

It was claimed that Brown wanted to have sex with her and she declined.

They went to a location and Mr Eames claimed another man and himself did not get involved.

Mr Newey said he had asked Mr Eames why he didn't tell anyone.

His response was: "I was scared at that time. I was young and I just shot through".

Mr Newey told police: "He (Mr Eames) said he was worried because Brown had some heavy friends."

The details of what Mr Newey said to police were read to him by counsel assisting the coroner Warwick Hunt.

Solicitor Mark Cronin asked Mr Newey whether Mr Martin had an old Holden vehicle and he agreed.

Mr Newey confirmed a statement about Mr Martin and Mr Eames to police in 2009, he told them: "I would not have given you $2 for either of them".

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