Street Rodders look to grow exclusive membership

ALBURY Street Rodders are on a membership drive.

Following a decision by the Australian Street Rodders Federation to open up its membership due to dwindling vehicle availability, Albury Street Rodders has followed suit.

The Albury club was formed in September 1972, with membership numbers capped at 30.

This was later increased to 40 and that number has remained, restricting rod lovers who wanted to join the club.

The main reason for the membership drive is sourcing a pre-1948 car to build into a street rod is now harder and more expensive, even though a lot of the early Ford and Chevrolet models are now made in fibreglass reproductions.

Doing this is cheaper than the original vintage tin, but is still too expensive for the average person interested in building a Street Rod.

Another hindrance was for years registering this type of vehicle was hard.

The Australian Street Rodders Federation has been working with the NSW and Victorian governments, the Roads and Maritime Services and VicRoads to create guidelines for the registration of these modified cars.

These guidelines are now in place.

Street Rodding is a multimillion-dollar industry in Australia and a billion dollar industry worldwide, employing thousands of people.

Albury Street Rodders members attend rod runs and swap meets across Australia and overseas.

They hold a monthly club run for the month and are involved in charity work, having raised thousands of dollars for local and national organisations.

Albury Street Rodders welcomes anyone with an interest in hotrods, customs, American muscle cars, or pre-1980s chrome-bumpered modified cars and pickup trucks, to attend one of their monthly club meetings.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm at the ASR clubrooms, off Borella Road in Lockheed Drive, the last turn before the Albury Airport heading east.