Mobiles ring trouble for Mannus prison trio

THREE prisoners have been put in segregation, been reclassified and will each spend an extra month in jail after being found with mobile phones.

They were in the low security environment at Mannus, near Tumbarumba, but have been taken back to Junee jail.

The implications of using the phones and being found with them have been outlined in Albury Local Court.

Solicitor Jim Allen explained that one of the prisoners, Jason Fornaciari, was unable to attend his mother’s funeral.

Fornaciari, 27, used the phone to express his distress to friends about missing the funeral.

He was in a cell by himself and it was searched on June 13.

The phone and a charger were found under the base of a board shelf, but Fornaciari denied ownership of it.

He admitted using the phone the previous day.

Fornaciari is serving a minimum term of two years and four months due to expire on May 18 next year, but it was extended to June 17 by magistrate Tony Murray.

Albury man Adam Geoffrey Williams, 28, and Patrick Glynn Eames, 28, were sharing a cell.

A search on June 11 found a phone and charger under small wooden drawers and both denied ownership.

Eames admitted using the phone on June 9 to contact his stepbrother’s girlfriend.

Mr Allen said Eames heard his stepbrother was in some sort of trouble at Junee jail.

Eames was due for release on August 9, but was ordered to remain in custody until September 8.

Williams is on a management plan for three months, is not allowed to have television and his classification has increased.

He was due for release on September 15 which has been extended to October 14.