Veterans made country as it is

I READ with absolute disgust the statement expressed by “Ellie” (The Border Mail, July 30).

Doesn’t this jumped-up little “yuppie” understand that she (and her parents) would not be here today if it weren’t for “veterans”.

During the early 1940s Australia could have suffered the same fate as Nanjing did in the late ’30s, (when millions of Chinese were slaughtered by the Japanese), if it weren’t for “veterans”.

During the 1940s hundred of thousands of “veterans” served and gave sacrifice so spoilt little brats like “Ellie” could have their morning latte and nightly chardonnay and whinge about how hard life’s treating them.

It also gave you the right to write and denigrate people who have served and died for the likes of you.

Maybe we need more “veterans” in the Middle East so that young girls can live in peace and go to school without the fear of being stoned to death or tortured and raped.

Maybe more “veterans” are needed in Africa where young girls are kidnapped, tortured, raped and sold into slavery.

How about a few “veterans” in the Ukraine so the young people there can be free to say what they like and have a choice on what they do.

All these things you take for granted have been given to you, free of charge, by the very same “veteran” you now want to rubbish.

The only cost was a few hundred thousand lives given freely so you could yawn and enjoy your next cup of coffee.

If you don’t understand this letter go and spend a day at your local RSL or Legacy Club and maybe a “veteran” will explain it to you.

They might also explain Sharia Law and the life under Taliban rule.

Lest We Forget.

Barrie Griffin, Vietnam Veteran 1966-67; Ernie Griffin, WWII Veteran 1944-45; Albert Griffin WWII Veteran 1942-45.