Hoping for a miracle

GOBSMACKED and stunned were how Bronwynne Richardson’s parents felt when told a man had been arrested over the murder of their daughter.

Noelle and Stan Richardson have endured a painful wait since their daughter’s abduction and death in October 1973.

The couple have lived in Canberra since the mid-1970s and health problems have seen Mr Richardson hospitalised this week.

“He was gobsmacked as you could imagine. But he’s not very well at this time,” Mrs Richardson said of her husband’s reaction to Colin Michael Newey facing charges of murder, rape and abduction.

Miss Richardson’s sister Janet said her father was recovering from surgery related to stomach cancer.

“After all this time, it’s great to have an arrest,” she said.

Mrs Richardson said she was “stunned and in disbelief”.

She was reluctant to jeopardise legal action by commenting, but praised police after being reminded she had said in 2011 after the announcement of a second inquest “miracles do happen”.

“We’re still hoping for a miracle and these guys are miracle workers,” Mrs Richardson said.

“We were clutching at straws and those guys have finally found a straw.”