Horsing around in name of fun

JEAN Barton gives a whole new meaning to making an entrance.

After riding on horseback through the car park of Wodonga’s Blazing Stump Hotel to her 90th birthday party five years ago, she relived the memory at the weekend — but this time she was turning 95 and riding a hobby horse.

Mrs Barton said it was all about having fun.

At her 90th birthday she rode her mare, Starlight, but it had since been sold and was no longer in the district.

Mrs Barton said if she had the horse she would still be able to ride it.

“I just like to be a bit adventurous,” she said.

About 100 family and friends packed into the Blazing Stump Hotel yesterday.

“My friends thought the horse was a bit of a joke,” she said.

“But it’s just wonderful to have so many friends and people turn up.

Jean Barton arriving on horseback five years ago.

Jean Barton arriving on horseback five years ago.

“It’s nice to have a get- together instead of being at a funeral.”

Mrs Barton had the idea to ride the horse to her party five years ago because it had been a significant part of her life when she was growing up.

“I’ve always had a life of activity,” she said.

Mrs Barton would not leak her secrets ahead of her 100th birthday.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” she said.