Wodonga councillors flag higher costs for Leneva developers

RESIDENTIAL housing developers are likely to face higher costs in the Leneva growth corridor.

Higher developer levies were flagged during a special Wodonga Council meeting yesterday.

Mayor Rod Wangman said the upshot of the levies was that they would allow the development of estates of a higher quality than anything else now in the city.

Designing a developer contribution plan is one of several tasks expected to be completed by the Metropolitan Planning Authority.

The authority will carry out key planning for the urban growth zone covering parts of the corridor.

The council decided to give Planning Minister Matthew Guy the go-ahead to start work on amending the Wodonga Planning Scheme to allow for the zone.

In response to a councillor’s question, business services director Trevor Ierino said the application of the urban growth zone should not affect the rates levied on farming properties.

This would change only if land needed to be rezoned from farming to residential should that particular land be redeveloped.

Planning and infrastructure director Leon Schultz said in a report it was embarking on what had been called the “second largest structure planning exercise in Victoria”.

The planning for the area covers a 30 to 50-year period to “potentially provide a diverse range of housing options”.