He’s just waiting for a mate – at 180 km/h

Cheyne Orcher

Cheyne Orcher

CHEYNE Orcher has a propensity to drive fast and take desperate measures to elude police.

Highway patrol officers chased him near Leneva at up to 190km/h in September 2012 as he overtook on double lines, blind crests and bends.

Orcher, a repeat offender on a 12-month suspended sentence for other driving matters, received an 18-month jail term with a minimum of eight months in Wodonga Magistrates Court in April for the Leneva chase.

Now he faces a similar outcome in NSW, following a pursuit on the Hume Freeway and through South Albury early on February 24 last year.

When he failed to attend Albury Local Court, a conviction warrant was issued and his bail was forfeited.

Orcher, 25, was arrested at Rydges Hotel in Albury on Tuesday. He has now been granted bail and will be sentenced on September 16.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood has ordered a pre-sentence report on charges of failing to stop in a police pursuit, disqualified driving, exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h and driving under the influence of a drug.

She ordered Orcher to live in Lawrence Street, Wodonga, with a condition he not occupy the driver’s seat of any vehicle.

Police estimated a car driven by Orcher was travelling at 170- 180km/h on the Hume freeway near Borella Road.

He then took the East Street off ramp and drove at excessive speed around several streets with police closing the gap to 100 metres.

Orcher’s car slowed and he jumped out when it was still moving. There was smoke coming from under the bonnet.

More police were called to search for him.

He was found about 10 minutes later hiding behind a vehicle in a carport and told officers: “I’m waiting for a mate.”

He was sweating profusely and covered in dust and debris from plants.

His clothing appeared to be identical to that worn by a person caught on a police in-car video.

A breath test proved negative, but Orcher’s eyes were glazed and his pupils enlarged.

He complained of being dehydrated and was taken to the Albury Base Hospital to provide blood and urine samples.

He refused to be interviewed and said: “I wasn’t driving.”

A report received by police in May indicated Orcher had used ice and another drug.