Paper just doing its job properly

ALAN Rockliff (The Border Mail, August 5) is way off the mark about the reporting of the closure of Lavington Panthers Sports Club.

I agree that the workers at the club would not have been happy to read about losing their jobs in the paper.

But who is to blame?

Maybe he should take another look at the actions of the people who turned up at the club on Sunday afternoon and closed the doors without having the courtesy to tell all their employees.

Everyone at work at the club on Sunday knew what was going on — as did quite a few of the patrons.

How hard would it have been to get word to the other workers?

It seems there were only 40 in total.

Good on our paper for getting the story out.

Hopefully, it embarrassed the Panthers’ management, but I doubt that it did.

Criticising The Border Mail for doing its job is just shooting the messenger.