Mick not up to coaching job

I WONDER how it can be that Carlton coach Mick Malthouse finds dealing with the media such a very difficult and distressing task.

The recent observations by former Carlton captain Mark Maclure seemed to be right on the money.

It’s become increasingly obvious that Malthouse is not up to handling the task at hand, and there is no doubt it is hurting Carlton.

The suggestion by Maclure that someone else take over the match-day coaching of the club demonstrates just how bad things have become.

But what would be the point of that. Either Malthouse is up to the task in its entirety or he is not, in which case he should do the club a favour and go.

It should not be such a unreasonable request that a club coach answers some questions after a game, and shows a modicum of respect to those doing the asking.

After all, Mick gets paid a lot more than they do.

Regardless of what the players think of him, he is an embarrassment to Carlton and to himself.

A man of his age is really old enough to know better and should have the composure to conduct himself with a little bit of integrity.