Sorry Andrew, you are wrong

NEWS Limited’s loudest mouthpiece Andrew Bolt just can’t move past the fact that a Federal Court found him to have breached racial vilification laws.

Three years later, Bolt is still whining about it.

I can only wonder how it is that he can continue to criticise the decision of a federal court and not be held in contempt.

But the rules don’t apply to Mr Bolt, or they shouldn’t it would seem, according to him.

And then when it turns out the rules do in fact apply to him, he seeks to change the rules.

His relentless campaign to support self-serving changes to the racial vilification act smack of a child who doesn’t like their bed time, and in seeking to do something about it, puts on a good old-fashioned tanty.

Conflict of interest? I think so.

Mr Abbott must have seen no other way forward than to dump changes to the Act — he would barely dare to upset the ever supportive Mr Bolt.

But of around 4100 submissions on the proposed changes, more than 76 per cent opposed them.

I find it a great comfort that despite the loudest voice in Australia supporting this backward step, a great many Australians have a serious problem with offensive speech hiding behind free speech.

Why would any free-thinking country seek to defend the rights of those who want to vilify people based on their race.