Money could be better spent

THE proposed paid parental scheme; is it really necessary?

Is it something our economy needs or can afford?

This proposal benefits the wealthier with full-time work and discriminates against those who do not have a job, choose to not have children or have had their children before the introduction of the scheme.

Would the billions it will cost perhaps be better spent on education, health, environmental repair and other areas of real need?

If it is intended to alleviate a perceived working population crisis in the near future then perhaps we are unable to see the trees because of the thickness of the bush.

At the moment we have quite a lot of willing people wishing to come and live and work in Australia.

They don’t need disposable nappies or the care, equipment and healthcare needed to look after and raise babies.

Many are educated. Many are willing to do any job.

They could actually contribute in a constructive way to our society and the Australian economy rather than be the cause of billions of dollars being wasted by the ill-conceived tactics of the federal government.

Wouldn’t it be a smart thing to do to scrap the paid parental leave scheme and fill any need for workers with those who want to come here and are ready to work?


Tallangatta Valley