Town ‘left numb’ at loss of locals

PEOPLE in Yackandandah are feeling numb after the deaths of three people from the area, according to Indigo mayor Bernard Gaffney.

Cr Gaffney said he had yesterday fielded calls from distressed residents after the triple fatality.

He said the most upsetting thing was not yet knowing who had died.

“Because people don’t know, we all feel numb,” he said.

“Yackandandah is a close-knit community and people know each other.

“We feel for the families, friends and neighbours of the people who have died in these tragic circumstances.”

He said the shire would support the victims’ families as best it could.

“When your loved ones leave home, you expect them to return home ... it’s just shocking,” he said.

Yackandandah State Emergency Service controller Jackie Ashman said those living locally would be hurting.

She was one of five volunteers who attended, but were withdrawn from the scene after the victims were identified as locals.

“I know a few people are pretty devastated because it’s local people who have died,” Ms Ashman said.

“The fact there are three people is obviously pretty bad.

“The impact on the emergency services is pretty big.

“The morale is pretty low just because of what we see and what we do.

“But everyone has been ringing and asking if everyone is alright and looking out for everybody.

“We’ll just keep on doing what we do.”