Dartmouth Dam workers reunion

A REUNION of people who worked and lived at Dartmouth during the construction of the dam and power station is being held on October 17, 18 and 19.

The Dartmouth Dam, the highest in Australia, was officially opened in October 1979.

A range of activities has been planned over the three days, with an informal gathering on the Friday night at the Dartmouth Hotel and a formal welcome to take place on Saturday at 11.15am.

Other activities include tours and presentations at the dam and power station, with lunch at the town centre.

The Dartmouth Dam project was managed by State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria and the main contractor was Thiess Bros Pty Ltd.

The construction of the Dartmouth Power Station completed in 1981, was managed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

Storytelling and poems about the construction time can be enjoyed on Saturday night at the hotel.

Prizes will be awarded for incidents such as: the worst driving incident, best swimmer, biggest catastrophe, and many other amusing happenings. Forms will be available on arrival to write your stories down over the weekend.

In recognition of those who lost their lives during the construction of the dam or workers and family who have passed away in the past 35 years, a church service will be held on Sunday about 10am, followed by a barbecue lunch.

All past workers, family and friends are invited to attend.

Further information about the event is available by contacting Robyn Scales on (02) 6072 4233.

Bookings are essential.