Cold a bit hard to stand

G’DAY fishos!

I know I’ve just got back from the Northern Territory so I’m feeling the cool more than normal but it’s been as cold as a mother-in-law’s kiss every morning since I’ve been back.

There’s not too much incentive to be on the water before daylight.

For those interested, we had to work pretty hard for our fish up at the Territory, with a total of 87 barra and about 300-odd fish of other species as well.

Sounds a lot but split over six blokes and a couple of weeks they were a bit tougher than normal.

The biggest barra was just under a kilogram but quite a few small ones were mixed in there too.

Everyone caught a few fish and saw a crocodile or two though, so a good time was had by all.

Sounds like Lake Hume is producing some nice fish for those brave souls and keen fishos that are having a go.

Bart Craig caught his PB redfin this week with a beauty at 1.8 kilograms.

Not sure what length it was, he and wife Jill had eaten most of it before the tape came out.

Bart picked that one up trolling.

Rob Damore and kids Mike and Hunter also had a bit of luck on the troll on Tuesday arvo.

If you can remember back, that was one of those beautiful sunny days so Rob loaded up and headed out to Bowna.

They trolled for a fair while using a couple of different lures to work different depths.

Spotting a bait ball on his sounder, Ron worked the area and nailed a 63-centimetre fish at 2.7 kilograms on an Oar Gee “wee pee” lure.

In the photos he showed me it was a healthy looking brown trout and Rob tells me it had at least 12 smelt in its stomach when he gutted it.

The “wee pee” trolls at three to five metres.

There’s also been quite a few trout being picked up on tassies flatlining.

One of Rob’s mates, Dean O’Keefe, picked up a 73-centimetre, 3.4-kilogram beauty a week back on a pink tassie in the wall area.

Just to throw a bit more confusion into what depth you should be fishing, Tao Joos picked up a 66-centimetre three-kilogram fish on Sunday using a rapala behind a downrigger.

Not sure exactly what depth, but I imagine he’d be down a bit.

From what I’ve heard the cod scene has been a bit doughy.

They’re picking up the odd big fish out of Blowering angling at night but, man, you’d need a decent fire on the bank next to you.

Catch ya next week.