Brendan Fevola | Points system may work for Ovens and Murray

THE Ovens and Murray needs a points system. But not the kind you probably think I’m talking about.

The tribunal has been a pretty hot topic over the past few years in our league and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has found a few things hard to understand.

I hope there isn’t a fine coming my way, because I’m not bagging anyone, but I reckon it’s something worth talking about.

The game has changed when it comes to the tribunal.

We’ve got a video review system now and match review panel in place looking at footage.

It’s just a suggestion, but why can’t they hand out penalties?

The tribunal is there to do a job, which they usually do really well, but inconsistency is the one thing that really seems to get people talking.

It has over the past few years, anyway.

A points system would get rid of that.

Things can be graded as high, intentional, reckless or whatever by the match review panel like they are in the AFL.

Having a good record would obviously help guys get off and it wouldn’t be too hard to keep track of carryover points and things like that.

The panel can give their verdict and then clubs can take it from there.

It’s not like it would cause anybody any extra work.

When you think about it, not only would it make things more consistent, but it would probably save a heap of time, as well.

I’m sure the guys on the tribunal aren’t too happy having to spend every Wednesday night listening to cases that never seem to finish before midnight.

Imagine if they only had to look at cases every now and then?

I’ve obviously just got back from a three-match ban. I’ve served my time and I’m not having a sook.

If somebody does something wrong, then fair enough they need to get weeks, but it seems like everyone is rolling the dice at the moment.

We like to think of ourselves as the best country league in Australia, so why not lead the way?

NOBODY expects us Yarrawonga boys to roll Lavington tomorrow but that’s exactly how we want it.

Everyone thinks we’re gone and aren’t any match for Albury and Lavi.

Both of them smacked us last time we played them.

But I can’t wait for the match against Lavi tomorrow.

I love playing at Lavi and I’m rapt the grand final is staying there.

Not that anyone thinks we’ll make it.

All the pressure is on the Panthers tomorrow.

It’s a massive game for them and they won’t want to lose to us and then have to play us again in the first final.

We can’t wait.