Take heart in better health | Editorial


THE Heart Foundation has found one of the country’s highest rates of smokers and obese people living in the Border and Hume regions.

The statistics show a higher prevalence of heart disease among those whose lifestyles are making them unwell.

Sam McDade today tells The Border Mail how his decision to lose weight has helped save his life.

But even he had to have double heart bypass surgery in April after doctors found his arteries were blocked.

As well as being overweight, Mr McDade had high blood pressure and a low heart rate with not enough oxygen reaching his bloodstream.

He is now urging others to be aware of heart disease as a silent killer, even for those who are feeling well.

The Heart Foundation has found almost a quarter of the Hume region population is living with cardiovascular disease, while 34 per cent are obese and almost 30 per cent are smokers.

Both obesity and smoking are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and combined with a decline in physical activity, it’s a recipe for heart problems.

The foundation says those over the age of 45 or with a prevalence of risk factors should have a heart check.

It could save your life.