Wodonga firies take no risks with gas leak

SPECIALIST equipment was called in to stop an LPG leak in Wodonga last night.

The leak was noticed near Pizza 911 on High Street about 6.45pm and traced to a nearby car wreckers.

CFA members found that the gas tank on a late 1970s model Nissan Patrol was leaking.

“A fitting had come off where the valve connects to the cylinder,” firefighter Brett Myers said.

“With no wind around, the gas was settling at ground level and not dispersing.”

Mr Myers said although there were no sources of ignition in the area, the leak was still deemed an emergency.

“Some people smell gas and don’t think it’s an emergency but gas is a very flammable substance,” he said.

“People should call triple-0 in such a situation.”

The area was declared safe after about an hour.