Parole youth in high-speed Wodonga city chase

AN unlicensed teenage driver was arrested in Wodonga early yesterday after a high-speed chase.

Police said a youth, 15, had sped off after they tried to stop him in Thomas Mitchell Drive about 2.30am.

They chased the youth’s Holden Commodore along Beechworth Road but called off the pursuit on Pearce Street when the speed reached more than 100km/h.

Sgt Wal Larkin said traffic was light at the time but it was still considered too dangerous to pursue the driver.

“The registration number came up as a Melbourne address and after inquiries, they came up with a Wodonga address where the youth was found,” he said.

“The car was registered to a relative of the boy.”

Sgt Larkin said the teenager was on parole from a corrections centre and his family didn’t know he had taken the car.

The youth would face 14 charges in a Victorian Children’s Court involving car theft, reckless conduct endangering life, reckless conduct endangering serious injury and parole violation.

Sgt Larkin said the charges could carry terms of imprisonment.

“This sort of behaviour is reckless and dangerous to the public,” Sgt Larkin said.