Loving homes wanted for pups


AN enthusiastic band of volunteers is behind Wodonga Dog Rescue, which was recognised earlier this year with the city’s organisation of the year award.

It has been operating for more than three years, but faces a continual battle with funding and survives on donations.

Last year it applied for Victorian government funding to run a vaccination program aimed at the potentially fatal parvovirus.

But the government knocked it back and the organisation battles to save dogs and cats being euthanised.

“I would have thought that would have been a really good program,” dog rescue treasurer Peta McRae said.

It costs a minimum of $700 to treat dogs with the virus and they have to be put in isolation for two weeks.

“The dogs don’t just come from Wodonga. We take them from the Corowa pound as well,” Mrs McRae said.

Dogs from the Towong and Indigo council regions also come to Wodonga Dog Rescue.

There are about 60 dogs in foster care at present.

“We still have a few at the pound because we do not have room for them,” Mrs McRae said.

The rescue team saves about 300 dogs a year from being euthanised and the pound has gone from having 90 per cent of dogs put down to 90 per cent rehoused.

Mrs McRae is seeking a big response to the dog rescue’s adoption day on August 30.

It is being held at Melrose Animal Hospital at the corner of Melrose Drive and Brockley Street between 10am and 2pm.