Thieves make ugly house call to Greta West

A YOUNG couple out to build their first home have been floored by thieves.

The Greta West couple were set to build a shed on their 45-heacatre block on Kelly Gap Road as the first step towards constructing a house.

But thieves struck overnight on Wednesday and stole building materials valued at $5000.

Police said 90 sheets of corrugated zinc, ridge capping and other items were removed by truck or trailer.

A car at the property was “ransacked”, with wires cut to steal a battery, engine parts removed and a LPG system stolen.

“The sad part is the couple extended themselves to build the shed, and it’s not covered by insurance,” Leading Sen-Constable Ross Woodrow, of Glenrowan, said.

“This shows the impact thefts can have. It’s left them in a bad situation.

“The selfishness of thieves is disappointing.

“It’s a despicable act.”

Sen-Constable Woodrow said at least two people were involved, but it was likely three or four people took part.

“We’re looking for assistance from anyone who may have seen the thieves, on the back roads between Benalla and Wangaratta,” he said.

“And if anyone has seen corrugated iron for sale, they should contact Glenrowan police.”