Vandals target Baranduda memorial tree again

The tree dedicated to Emily and Brooke Salske was targeted by vandals again at the weekend.
The tree dedicated to Emily and Brooke Salske was targeted by vandals again at the weekend.

A MEMORIAL for two young girls was ripped apart in another “heartbreaking” vandalism attack. 

The tree where sisters Emily and Brooke Salske were killed in January was targeted on Friday night for the fourth time in just three months. 

And a call has been made for the vandal to make known their concerns about the decorated memorial. 

Melinda Wilson is a close friend of the girls’ mother, Debbie Andrews, and said it continued to be a “kick in the guts.”

“What can we do to prevent this happening?” she said. 

“Is it an eye sore, is it a mess, what is the actual problem?

“Nobody is saying.”

Ms Wilson said the memorial had been attacked between 11pm and 11.30pm. 

Butterfly solar lights were smashed, flowers were kicked and lanterns were ripped from the tree.

“We are devastated ­­— it’s gut-wrenching,” she said. 

“It really affects the kids, they were all crying and a couple of them were quite angry.”

Ms Wilson said they did not just want a rock and a plaque hidden alongside the road.

“They were two young girls and are loved and missed by so many,” she said.

“You can’t just pretend it never happened.”

Ms Wilson said they recently restored the tree after getting over the grief the last act of vandalism caused. 

She said she had discussed installing cameras at the site with Ms Andrews and other concerned parents but decided it was not practical.

“We want to know who is doing this and we don’t want the cameras to deter them and us never find out,” she said.

“Cameras are good in theory but at the end of the day it’s not as easy as that.”

Wodonga police Sgt Chris Parr again urged people to respect the family’s tragic circumstances.

“It is a senseless act of vandalism that brings pain to the family,” he said.