Attempted fire bomb at Wangaratta home

AN attempt was made to fire bomb a Wangaratta house on Sunday night, a firefighter has said.

CFA senior station officer Paul Scragg yesterday said someone had thrown an “incendiary device” over a fence of a Leishman Street house but it had not taken hold.

“There was a small fire in the back yard when we got there about 11.55pm,” he said.

“It appears someone had thrown an incendiary device over the fence.

“There was no major damage but when we got there, there were some items in the back yard smouldering.”

Mr Scragg said it was lucky that the device — which he declined to describe in detail — had landed where it did.

“It could have been disastrous,” he said.

“It could have burnt down the house.

“If there had been people asleep inside, they might not be here today to tell the story.”

The CFA also called in police to inspect the property.

A spokeswoman said officers had been unable to find the device and were no longer investigating the matter.