Holbrook Courthouse to get a makeover

THE Holbrook Courthouse will be closed for the rest of the year for remedial work on the building.

A NSW Department of Justice spokesman said work would be done on the roof, along with other structural repairs and painting.

It is understood flaking paint led to the closure, with a possible risk for staff and the public.

“The project will take up to six months, with the court’s small workload to be transferred to Albury,” the spokesman said.

“A majority of buildings and homes built in Australia before 1970 contained some form of lead-based paint.

“It is being removed from Holbrook Courthouse as a safety precaution.”

The office registry has been open two days each week in recent times, with a court staff member travelling from Albury.

Greater Hume Shire general manager Steve Pinnuck was unaware of the courthouse’s closure until told yesterday.

“We hope the work is done as quickly as possible so the court is reopened to serve the Holbrook and district community,” he said.

Mayor Heather Wilton has lived in Holbrook for 20 years and said plenty of people appeared at the court each month.

“It (the courthouse) has been looking pretty scrappy for some time, to be honest,” she said.

“Let’s get it fixed and have it up and running in the new year.”

A Department of Justice spokesman said most of the services provided by the Holbrook court registry were available online or on the phone.

He said NSW courts operated a phone service — at 1300 722 574 — which responded to more than 50,000 calls a month.

“The service centre can process fine payments and provide a range of information including court listing details,” the spokesman said.

“The government’s LawAccess service offers free legal information and advice over the phone (1300 888 529) and maintains a website (lawaccess.nsw.gov.au) that helps people address common legal issues and prepare for their day in court.”

Mr Pinnuck said a lot of older country people did not have access to online services.