Flowers, chocolates lead to court

A MAN who repeatedly sent flowers and chocolates to his estranged Albury wife, yesterday received a three-month suspended jail sentence for breaches of an apprehended violence order.

Mohamad El Ali, who spent 30 months in jail in Victoria before being released two months ago, appeared in Albury Local Court and pleaded guilty to eight counts of contravening an apprehended violence order.

One similar charge and two counts of intimidation were withdrawn.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered police facts that El Ali, of Melbourne, and Victoria Wood-Bradley began a relationship in 2009 and married under Islamic Law but separated on December 30 the following year.

El Ali, 30, sent flowers to his estranged wife six times between April 1 and 7, 2011.

She had phoned him on either April 5 or 6 to advise him that she did not want any more packages because it was upsetting her family.

Police arrested El Ali in Victoria on April 8 after Ms Wood-Bradley was abducted from her Albury home that day by a man posing as a courier.

A provisional NSW apprehended violence order for Ms Wood-Bradley’s protection was served on El Ali on April 20 which banned him from contacting, harassing or intimidating her.

But a stream of gifts arrived on her doorstep between May 2 and 29.

The first arrival was 21 roses, a pink teddy bear and chocolates.

There were further deliveries on May 13 with a note saying “love you” and another the next day saying “miss you”.

More flowers arrived on May 16 and 17 and Ms Wood-Bradley took them to the Albury police station.

A courier arrived with 36 roses, chocolates, pyjamas, slippers, two packets of chips and cigarettes on May 29.

Mr Murray was told an apprehended violence order for Ms Wood-Bradley’s protection expired in March 2012.

The offences happened over a three-week period when El Ali was affected by drugs and he had a long-standing issue with illicit substances.

He is now on an intensive parole in Victoria with community work one day each week and weekly urine samples for drugs.

There has been no contact for a long time between him and Ms Wood-Bradley.

“There is on-going disregard for the orders. Importantly there are no acts of violence,” Mr Murray said.

He imposed a three-year apprehended violence order for Ms Wood-Bradley’s protection and El Ali cannot go within 500 metres of where she lives or within 100 metres of her.