Violence has to be stopped | Editorial

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LATEST crime figures released yesterday by Victoria Police show a rising incidence of violence in the North East.

The number of non-domestic assaults in Wodonga rose by 74, while crimes against the person were up by 36 per cent.

In Wangaratta, where crimes against the person rose by 20.5 per cent, police said most of those offences were related to increased family violence.

Wodonga Inspector Tony Davis said non-family violence assaults continued to cause police great concern.

He said it was increasingly apparent many of these offences occurred between those who were known to each other and who sought to resolve a disagreement between themselves through violence.

Insp Davis is correct in saying this is simply not acceptable.

Violence is not an acceptable means by which people settle a dispute, but nor is it acceptable as the means by which offenders seek power against partners or other family members.

Police and the wider community have sought a zero tolerance for violence.

It is time for those in our communities who would seek be violent towards others to understand it’s just not on.