Kids’ project bears fruit | Editorial

IT’S a good sign for the future when students from a Wodonga school start teaching their parents a thing or two about healthy living.

St Augustine’s has become the first school in the city to be awarded the Healthy Together Victoria achievement program sign.

Since the start of last year, 315 students have made healthy eating and physical activity a pet project.

Teacher and health program co-ordinator Cathy Carden said students were trying new fruits and vegetables and enjoying them — and then taking that message home to their parents.

They’ve set up a vegetable garden and hosted walk to school mornings.

The school was presented with its sign yesterday by Wodonga Cr Michael Fraser, on behalf of Healthy Together Wodonga, a partnership between Gateway Community Health and Wodonga Council.

The efforts of staff, parents and students in making the healthy program such a success deserve praise.

Schools are not responsible for the food and lifestyle habits of students and their parents, but St Augustine’s is a shining example of how a bit of positive collaboration can yield very healthy results.