North Albury gun shop bid goes to council

The premises on Buckingham Street for which a gun shop is proposed. Picture: DYLAN ROBINSON
The premises on Buckingham Street for which a gun shop is proposed. Picture: DYLAN ROBINSON

A NORTH Albury resident says her neighbourhood is the wrong place for a gun shop.

Buckingham Street resident Diane Humm is objecting to a development application for the shop lodged with Albury Council by Habitat Planning on behalf of Toys for Big Boys Pty Ltd.

Ms Humm said the proposed business wasn’t suited to a residential area with five schools nearby.

“I don’t object to a business being there, but a gun shop in a residential area is a whole different ball game,” she said.

“A firearm retail outlet should rightly be located in an industrial area if there is a need for such a business.

“I have lodged an objection.”

The premises, at the western end of Buckingham Street and near a service station, had most recently been used as a computer shop.

It is between businesses providing bookkeeping and pool supplies.

The development application lodged with the council reveals the front part of the building would be used for firearm sales and the rear for storage and assembly of firearms from pre-manufactured parts.

All loading and unloading of goods would be undertaken within the shop and in most cases within the storage area at the back.

Three people would work at the shop, but the hours of operation were only generally defined.

“The hours of operation will be the same as those for most retailing activities,” the application states.

“The building will be secured in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Firearms Registry.”

Alterations would be required to meet necessary security standards required by the NSW Firearms Registry.

They would include window guards and reinforcement of other potential building entry points.

Officers from NSW Police have inspected the building and made recommendations.

The property is located within a general residential zoning, but the council’s planning rules permit commercial premises within residential areas.

The application is also relying on the “existing use” provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act for approval.

The development application is expected to be assessed by council planning staff.